Teenagers Daily Skin Care Routine

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Acne, blackheads and oily skin is common among teenagers, so here are some natural ways for daily skin care.

  • Regular cleansing- Cleanse your face with aloe vera gel or rose water once a day as it will keep your skin healthy and clear. Have an oily skin? Cleanse with coconut oil or cucumber juice twice or thrice a day as it will not let oil settle on the skin and prevent acne.
  • Washing face- Wash your face with fruit mixed face wash like papaya, cucumber and neem etc. twice a day, it’s not only beneficial for skin also for mind as it will give you a fresh mind.
  • Apply sunscreen- Whenever going out remember to wear sunscreen, it will prevent skin from tanning. Sunscreen having ingredients like vitamin C, zinc and fruit extracts are beneficial.
  • Use eye creams- Skin around your eyes are sensitive and soft, if you have dark circles around, then apply eye creams containing caffeine they will provide with some relief.
  • Face-mask – Using it once in a week gives amazing results. It will give your skin a bright and glowing texture. You can use face masks of honey, avocados and lemons etc.

These ways will give you magnificent results but nutrition is also important for teenagers, they should have a proper diet as it also has a great impact on skin.


Disclaimer- These beauty tips and products are only for reference purpose and we do not hold any responsibility. We suggest take professional/expert advice prior to applying these tips.

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