Sandalwood Oil - All in one benefit

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Sandalwood oil is extracted from sandalwood trees and possess a distinct mild aroma. It is widely used in skin and beauty products and has innumerable health benefits too. It’s good for your skin as well as face.

Benefits of sandalwood oil for skin-

  • Anti-aging secret- It is highly rich in antioxidants which helps in removing dark circles, acne, dark spots, pimples and eczema. It also helps in healing scars.
  • Acts as an antiseptic - It prevents skin from irritations and inflammations. It does not let dust and dirt stick to your skin and also acts as a sunscreen which does not let sun tan your skin.
  • Softens skin - It does not only soften skin also make your skin healthy and smooth. It acts as a moisturizer and cleanser for skin as well as face.
  • Thinking how to apply? It’s simple, take sandalwood oil, apply on your face and massage. It will give you astonishing results.
  • Applying on skin? - Add few drops of oil in your regular lotion and apply it on your skin. Remember not to directly apply it on skin as it may cause allergies. So, use it with lotion or you can use milk as well.

Sandalwood oil is a natural and beauty ingredient which gives reliable and effective results.


Disclaimer- These beauty tips and products are only for reference purpose and we do not hold any responsibility. We suggest take professional/expert advice prior to applying these tips.

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