Vedix Customized Ayurvedic Toner | Vaimal One Step Clarifying Facial Toner With Tea Tree And Salicylic Acid | For Acne Prone Skin | For Pore Tightening and Moisturizing |100ml

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Brand Vedix
Skin Type Acne-Prone
Product Benefits Soothing,Tightening,Fresh,Moisturizing,Exfoliating,Ph Balancing,Redness

About this item

  • REDUCES ACNE AND REDNESS: The herb formula helps reduce acne and acne related redness. Tea tree helps soothe skin from irritation accuse by acne breakouts.
  • ABSORBS EXCESS SEBUM: The toner absorbs excessive oils and gives a fresh glow from within. The lightweight formula is quickly absorbed by skin to provide a fresh look.
  • GENTLY EXFOLIATES AND DETOXIFIES SKIN: The toner helps unclog pores and purify skin. It eliminates toxins and dead cells from skin surface.
  • Removes dirt and impurities: Witch Hazel removes pollutant and impurities and helps maintain a pH balance without causing any irritation.

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