VEDICLINE Cool Mint Facial Kit(For Normal, Warm & Oily skin)-400ml

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"Enriched with Mint & Lavender, Cool & Thanda facial for normal, warm & oily skins. Gives a velvety melting feeling of freshness & softness. Cooling sensation lingers even after the facial. Very relaxing & soothing especially during hot weather. Benefits : Makes the skin soft with a cooling sensation. Relaxes the skin and gives a rejuvenated look Heals and nourishes the skin Products in Kit (4): Cool Mint Foam Scrub 100 ml Cool Mint Massage Cream 100 ml Cool Mint Massage Gel 100 ml Cool Mint Firming Pack 100 ml INGREDIENTS: 1. Mint Oil is cooling & soothing. 2. Lavender Oil regenerates, suits all types of skin. 3. Shea Butter heals & nourishes. 4. Olive Oil nourishes. Procedure for the Facial Step 1 : Clean – With cotton pad dipped in cool Green Apple Toner. Step 2 : Cleanse & Scrub – With Cool Mint Foam Scrub. Give gentle massage for 2 to 3 minutes, along with use Toner & clean it. Step 3 : Nourish – a. With Cool Mint Massage Cream, Massage for 10 to 12 minutes, giving right strokes & pressure. Use Toner or distilled water, while massaging. Wipe it. b. With Cool Mint Massage Gel. Massage for 3 to 4 minutes, use Toner while massaging & wipe it. Step 4 : Nourish – Hydrate – With Cool Mint Firming Pack. Lightly apply on moist skin. After 5 to 7 minutes spray Toner, lightly massage & clean it. Step 5 : Cold Compress – With Green Apple Toner & blot it with a tissue. Step 6 : Protect – According to need, lightly apply Cool Mint Massage Gel or protect with Vedic Line Sun Screen.

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