Spawake Face Toner, Whitening Clear Toner, 200ml

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Brand Spawake
Scent Fresh
Skin Type All
Item Weight 200 Milligrams
Product Benefits Even Toning
Item Form Liquid

About this item

  • Formulated with active ingredients, Spawake whitening toner gently and thoroughly cleans the skin of all the dirt, grease, stickiness accumulated during the day. It leaves the skin feeling smooth, fresh, and soft.
  • This face toner for glowing skin suppresses melanin production, hydrates and moisturises the skin, and instantly cools and refreshes the skin.
  • This toner for face is non-sticky and brightens the skin tone.
  • How to Use: Step 1: Wash your face with face wash, for best results use Spawake face wash, and dry with a clean towel. Step 2: Take 4 - 5 drops of whitening toner on a cotton swab
  • This toner for oily skin, normal skin, dry skin, combination skin is dermatologically tested and is silicone free.
  • Spawake Toner for glowing skin can also be a great moisturising step, even if you already use moisturiser in your daily routine. Toners these days can have humectant properties, meaning that they help to bind moisture to the skin.
  • you should use a face toner after washing or cleansing your face and before applying any serum or moisturiser. If you’d prefer, you can also dampen your hands with toner and pat it gently over your skin.

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