NutriGlow NATURAL'S Onion Hair Oil With Red Onion Seed Oil For Hair Growth, Hair Fall Control, Dandruff Free Hair, Fall Hair Oil, 100ml

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  • STRENGTHENS HAIR FOLLICLES: NutriGlow Onion Hair Oil is rich in nutrients like Sulphur and works as an exceptional solution with a plethora of benefits in hair care. It comes with deep nourishing benefits that help to strengthens hair follicles in an effective manner and rectifies numerous hair problems
  • PROMOTES QUICK HAIR GROWTH: Nourishes the roots and revitalize the scalp that balances natural hair growth, which helps accelerate hair growth quickly. It is known to help maintain the scalp's pH value and improve blood circulation, which acts as a great stimulant for hair growth
  • DHT TREATMENT TO PREVENT HAIR LOSS: DHT Treatment is believed to be one of the most effective treatments for hair loss. Apart from halting hair loss, it stimulates hair follicles that naturally hides unwanted hair problems. Our DHT Treatment system does not cause any side-effects on the scalp
  • ANTI-DANDRUFF & SCALP NOURISHMENT FORMULA: Defined as infused with soothing properties, it deeply nourishes scalp & hair follicles to boost hair strands. It precisely targets the flaws of different types of scalp & hair, tackles dandruff and reflects away the harmful UV radiation to lift the appearance of your hair
  • REMEDY FOR DRY & DAMAGED TRESSES: This nature-friendly oil tackles dry, damaged, and frizzy tresses that makes it manageable in no time. The red onion oil's essential goodness helps eliminate dirt inside pores and repairs damaged hair while rejuvenating the endeavor's follicles

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