NutriGlow ADVANCED ORGANICS De Tan Cream Mask/skin lightning/all skin types (200g)

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Item Form Cream
Skin Type Combination
Material Type Free Paraben Free
Product Benefits Soothing,Lightening,Exfoliating

About this item

  •        Scrubs are usually harsh, Crème pack is the new trend. While a Face Wash cleans your face, a scrub damages your skin . This crème pack is really mild and soothing on even sensitive skin types. While you need to use the face wash daily, this needs to be used twice a week.
  •        Fairness is overrated, De Tanning is not. After your skin is exposed to dirt, sun and pollutants, your skin needs to get rid of unwanted pollutants. A De Tan Pack helps get a clearer skin and leaves you refreshed.
  •        Stop Acne Even Before they Appear Mint and Yogurt act as excellent natural exfoliators where as carbohydrates present in the ingredients help moisturise the skin, not leaving it dry.
  •        Fight and De-Stress Skin Exfoliates pollutants that cause white heads, black heads and dull skin.
  •        Your Skin’s Best Friend because it’s free of Harmful Chemicals. The pack is free from parabens, Mineral Oils and synthetic fragrances which renders it absolutely free to be used on all skin types and has skin lightening, firming, toning and anti ageing properties.

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