N+ Professional Darma Glare Skin Whitening Kit | Advanced Whitening Treatment For Women, 230ml + 160g.

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Brand N PLUS
Skin Type All
Item Form Pack
Product Benefits Smoothening,Whitening,Radiance,Nourishing,Exfoliating
Scent Coconut
Included Components Ivory Radiance, PROTEIN PACK Cream, EXFOLIATING SCRUB, PEARL FLUID, DERMA GLARE SKIN WHITENING Refining Gel See more

About this item

  • DERMAGLARE SKIN WHITENING REFINING GEL: Ther whitening refining gel will leave a sparkle on your skin by removing all the dirt from the pores and also removes all the unwanted elements from your skin, multing in a smooth dirt free skin texture. Apply the gel on face and neck and gently massage it with your fingertips for about 5-6 mins. In a circular motion Wipe it off with dry cotton
  • DERMAGLARE SKIN WHITENING IVORY RADIANCE CREAM: Ivory radiance cream is made with a special technology that will penetrate the nutrients to the dermal layer to enhance. The skin with softness and nounshment. This nourishing radiance cream is enriched with liquorice extracts. This will give your face a smooth and glowing effect Massage for 10-15 min and clean it with wet cotton
  • DERMAGLARE SKIN WHITENING EXFOLIATING SCRUB: Whitening exfoliating scrub is a blend of natural scrubbing ingredients containing various essential oils such as almond oil, coconut oil and many more This peeling scrub will remove the dead cells from the skin and maintain the texture of your skin Apply the scrub on the face and antly massage with your finger tips. Do not rub on acne and avoid the eye area. Remove it with a moist cotton after it partially dries out
  • DERMAGLARE SKIN WHITENING PROTEIN PACK The whitening protein pack will provide an all round nourishment to the skin. The protitin pack has been infused with the goodness of glycolic acid. its effective in removing the outermost layer of dead cells from the complexion Revealing brighter and fresher slon. Apply the pack on wet face, let it dry and clean with a moist cotton
  • DERMAGLARE SKIN WHITENING PEARL FLUID: This fluid is enriched with all the vital nutrients essential for your skin. It has all the goodness from carrot seed oil and wheat germ oil.

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