Kapiva Wheatgrass Juice - Herbal Supplement to Help Detoxify the Liver, Cleanse the Digestive System, and Purify Blood, 1 L

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About this item

  • EXCELLENT AYURVEDIC DETOXIFIER: In Ayurvedic studies, Wheatgrass is considered a well-known, natural detoxifier. It helps in liver detox, acts as a liver tonic and supports overall detox
  • CLEANSES THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Enriched with fibre and enzymes, Kapiva Wheatgrass Juice cleanses the digestive system and also helps boost energy levels
  • IMPROVES SKIN HEALTH: Wheatgrass acts as a detox supplement, thereby improving skin health, as it also acts as a blood purifier for glowing skin
  • SPECIAL SOURCING TO MAXIMIZE NUTRITION: Kapiva Wheatgrass juice is made from the 8th-day harvest instead of the regular 12-15 day timeline for maximum chlorophyll content which makes our juice more nutritious than others

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