Chicco Natural Sensation Massage Oil, Mother’s Womb Like Care, 0m+ (100 ml)

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Item Form Oil
Brand Chicco
Product Benefits Hydrating,Softening,Nourishing
Best uses Dryness
Skin Type Sensitive
Age Range (Description) Baby
Scent Almond
Skin Tone All
Item Weight 0.22 Pounds

About this item

  • Chicco Natural Sensation Massage Oil is especially formulated to moisturise baby’s skin leaving it soft and hydrated. The oil also aids protection to baby’s skin against external agents
  • Chicco Massage Oil is made with specialised ingredients that are found in Vernix Caseosa, a protective film that covers the inner layer of fetus during the last trimester of pregnancy, proven to be a barrier that protects and nourishes baby’s skin
  • Contains a combination of natural active ingredients like sweet almond oil, vitamin E, rice oil, oats extract and wheat germ oil that supports the composition of Vernix Caseosa and maintains baby’s Natural Moisturising Factor as it was in mother’s womb
  • The oil helps create a protective barrier on baby’s skin, reducing the extra dryness and keeping the skin healthy and nourished. Right from the first day, complete protection
  • Non-Greasy and Light: The oil gets quickly absorbed in the skin, making skin soft and smooth all day long. Also, the non-greasy layer allows baby's skin to breathe properly

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