WOW Amazon Rainforest Collection - White Clay Shampoo -300ml

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WOW Amazon Rainforest Collection - White Clay Shampoo with Rainforest Pataua Oil - No Parabens, Sulphate, Silicones and Color, 300 ml

•WOW Skin Science Amazon Rainforest White Clay Shampoo helps clear and grime from the scalp. Regular use ensure hair is strong and soft to the touch. The bioactives help improve the quality of hair and makes scalp healthy. The potent formulation of the shampoo breathe new life into your tresses
•Formulated to deliver anti-grease, anti-dirt hair care
•Amazonian White Clay being a mineral rich clay helps clear out toxins; cools and refreshes the scalp
•Pataua fruit oil helps protect hair from damage as it is rich in linoleic acid that nourishes scalp and strengthens the hair shaft to prevent chemical damage
•Pro-Vitamin B5, almond and argan oil help restore the lost moisture to the scalp and strands. The oils provide emollient to the strands that strengthen them
•100% Vegan with No Parabens, Sulphate, Silicones or Color

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