WOW Skin Science Charcoal Foaming Face Wash With 100ml

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WOW Skin Science Activated Charcoal Foaming Face Wash with Built-In Face Brush - 100 ml

Skin rejuvenating face wash to clear away dirt and skin-dulling pollutants

Get rid of pollutants on skin and revive your dull, aging skin with WOW Skin Science Activated Charcoal Foaming Face Wash. It comes with a built-in face brush with soft silicone bristles to help exfoliate dirt from your skin and clear out grime from the pores. Its natural actives gently wash away skin impurities giving your skin a chance to repair itself and restore natural radiance. Activated charcoal helps trap and draw out pollutants, dirt and impurities from the skin.

Helps to deep cleanse the skin and purify the pores.
Helps to fade acne scars and even out patchy complexion.
Rejuvenates dull, tired aging skin.
It has mild refreshing fragrance that is reviving on the senses.
Balances excess sebum production.
The bottle comes with built-in face brush for gentle exfoliation.
It is without any sulphate, parabens, silicones and color.
Dermatologically tested and suits all skin types.

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