WOW Life Science Melatonin 3mg - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Melatonin Supplement For Regular Sleep-wake Cycle Faster & Sounder Sleep

WOW Life Science Melatonin Capsules provide melatonin, the sleep hormone, that helps regulates the body’s biological clock for a better sleep-wake cycle and superior sleep quality. Useful for those with irregular sleeping patterns and for long-distance fliers with disturbed sleep-wake cycles. 60 vegetarian capsules, each capsule delivers 3 mg of melatonin.

Delivers melatonin, the sleep hormone, to help regulate sleep-wake cycle for faster and sounder sleep.
Melatonin, the ‘sleep hormone’, is naturally produced in the brain. It helps regulate the body’s biological clock, the sleep-wake cycle.
Melatonin levels rise when darkness falls, and dip when daytime approaches.
Aging, excessive exposure to phone/TV screens, lack of exercise, wrong diet and stress can upset your body’s ability to produce sufficient melatonin,
60 capsules per pack, every capsule contains 3 mg melatonin
100% natural, vegetarian, gluten-free & stearate-free

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