WOW Skin Science Greek Yoghurt Face Wash 100ml

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WOW Skin Science Greek Yogurt Face Wash – 100mL

For Firm, Youthful, Hydrated Skin

WOW Skin Science Greek Yogurt Face Wash is an advanced anti-blemish and anti-aging cleanser. It washes of grime without drying out skin. It comes enriched with yogurt powder, lactic acid and Aloe Vera extract. This face wash gently dissolves and washes away everyday impurities, dead cells and makeup.

Helps remove impurities from skin
It helps fade blemishes and get rid of tan
Suitable for all skin types

Greek Yogurt Face Wash for Blemish-free, Supple Skin

WOW Skin Science Greek Yogurt Face Wash helps clear away skin-dulling layer of dead skin cells. The wash has a gentle exfoliating action that helps reveal bright and fresh layer of skin. It helps even out patchy, pigmented complexion. It is a deeply hydrating cleanser that helps your skin fight signs of aging. Skin looks clear and fresh and feels soft after every use.

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