VLCC Natural Sciences Insta Glow Gold Bleach (Pack of 2) 30 g Each

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VLCC Natural Sciences Insta Glow Gold Bleach (Pack of 2) 30 g

Vlcc natural sciences insta glow gold bleach (30g) vlcc insta glow gold bleach.Gold signifies purity and tranquility and has been used for the best skin care treatments since the ancient times. This insta glow gold bleach is fortified with the energy and glow of pure gold.It helps skin look fairer and youthful with a golden glow in a three step action :1.It bleaches facial hair to match the skin tone perfectly.2.It purifies the skin through a light intoxicating action.3.Lastly, the energy stored in the precious element gold imparts its wholesome curative power to the skin. Massaging with pre-bleach cream conditions skin and guards it against the irritancy caused by bleaching. Bleach leaves skin fairer in just about 10 minutes. Post bleach pack enriched with 24 carat gold is a unique formula that soothes and calms down the skin post bleaching with age defying benefits.Contains 1.Bleach cream- 20 g 2.Powder activator- 2 g 3.Pre bleach cream- 3 g 4.Post bleach pack- 5 g

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