Vedicline Moroccan Argan Oil Facial Kit(For Anti-Aging and Skin Whitening), 520ml

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Moroccan Argan Oil Facial Kit

• Anti-Aging – It contains antioxidants that help retards the aging process while fighting signs of early aging.
• Skin Nourishment & Enhancement – Argan oil Facial enriched with Vitamin E, nourishes & enhances skin, leaving it silky & smooth.
• Skin Whitening – Gives a beautiful glow along with soft skin.
• Skin Moisturizing – It moisturizes the skin deeply.
• Best Suitable for Dry, Wrinkled, Tanned or Blemished Skin. Also comforts Oily Skin.

Skin requires proper care. Healthy skin is often the result of a proper skin care regimen. Facial kits are a super effective and easy way to give your skin the extra nourishment and help restore some of the radiance and smoothness to the skin. Vedic Line's Moroccan Argan Oil Facial contains the goodness of argan oil, with its beneficial nutrients that help give the skin a natural boost.

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