Urbangabru Nose Strips Blackhead/Whiteheads Remover (4 Strips) + BHA Serum to Treat Pores (Nose Strips + Charcoal Face Wash + Peel Off Mask)

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Brand Urbangabru
Skin Type All
Item Form Mask
Product Benefits Cleansing
Scent Aloe Vera
Included Components Nose Strip : 4 Strips, BHA Serum Pack : 1 Pack, Vitamin C Face Wash : 100 ml

About this item

  • Removes black/whiteheads: Urbangabru nose strips is specifically designed to unclog open pores and pull out that deep-rooted blackheads or whiteheads in minutes.
  • Comes with BHA serum: Urbangabru nose strips comes with a BHA serum that helps in cleansing interiors of the open pores and deeply conditions and moisturizes your skin. It also exfoliates and removes dead skin cell. For best results, use this after removal of nose strips.
  • Easy-to-use: Urbangabru nose strips are so convenient to use and removes all the backheads and Whiteheads from nose effectively. All you need to do is simply wet your nose and strips (the strip won't stick if the nose and strips are not wet enough), apply it on nose and remove it, After that nourish it with BHA serum.
  • Natural Ingredients: Stop worrying about how to remove blackheads from the nose. Use Urbangabru nose strips that are made from natural ingredients such as charcoal, witch hazel, and aloe vera to deeply clean and rejuvenate your skin.
  • Doesn’t leave marks: We know what you are worried about. Often peeling products cause redness or marks. But with this product, you need not worry. It is designed in a way to absorb the impurities and gently peel off without harming the skin.

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