The Man Company Beard Booster Duo | Derma Roller + Caffeine Beard Growth Serum | Activates Hair Follicles | Accelerates Beard Growth, Fuller & Thicker Beard | Improves Patchy Beard

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  • Accelerates beard growth: The Derma Roller and Caffeine Beard Growth Serum work together to help effectively boost beard growth by increasing blood circulation, activating hair follicles and nourishing the beard. If you desire a beard that looks fuller and thicker, this is your go-to duo.
  • Activates the follicles: The Derma Roller creates micro-punctures on the beard, enforcing blood flow and allowing better absorption, and parallelly, the Caffeine Beard Growth Serum deeply nourishes, treats frizziness and activates the hair follicles, preventing patches and promoting better growth.
  • Chromium needles with titanium finish: The Derma Roller has 540 (0.5 mm) chromium microneedles with a titanium finish to give you a premium vibe and an unmatched experience. The needles create micro-punctures on your beard region, resolving patchiness and making the beard thicker & fuller.
  • Beard nourishment: The Man Company’s Beard Growth Serum has the goodness of Coffee Arabica & Biotin that gently nourishes the beard, keeping dryness and frizziness at bay. As a super powerful ingredient, Biotin ensures your beard feels thicker and fuller. This magic potion also adds a natural and healthy shine.
  • Magic of caffeine: Caffeine Beard Growth Serum by The Man Company is an effective elixir curated especially for a gentleman’s beard with the goodness of Coffee Arabica & Biotin. The serum helps boost hair growth while adding nourishment and shine to it.
  • Better serum absorption: The micro-punctures created by the Derma Roller ensure increased absorption of the Caffeine Beard Growth Serum, improving beard growth and health on regular usage. Together the duo is everything that a beard lover needs to include in their grooming routine.

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