The EnQ 80% Natural Organic Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 50 ml - Pack of 2

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The Enq Peach Milk Moisturiser Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 Infused With The Goodness Of Peaches And Milk. It Easily Absorbs Into The Skin To Lock Moisture For 12 Hours To Give You Soft, Sun Protected Glowing Skin. Peaches Boosts Hydration In Your Skin, Prevents Flaking And Dullness & Creates A Protective Layer Of Moisture That Lasts All Day. It Nourishes The Skin Deeply Without Making It Appear Oily. SPF 30 Blocks Upto 97% Harmful Rays Of UVB Which Causes Tanning & Sunburns. It Protects Against UVA Rays Which Causes Dark Spots, Premature Ageing And Skin Darkening. It Helps Prevent Tan Lines That Appear On The Skin Due To Harmful Sun Rays. The Enq PEACH MILK MOISTURISER SPF 30 Sun Screen Lotion Allows Your Skin To Breath Freely & Hence, Keeps It Healthy.

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