Sri Sri Tattva Oorja Forte - Anti Fatigue, 60 Tabs | 500mg (Pack of 2)

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The moringa oleifera leaves not only prevent over 300 diseases but also help restore lost nutrients and vitality in the body, acting as an excellent natural rejuvenator. Rich in natural vitamin a, b & c, calcium, iron and proteins, these tablets get easily assimilated in the body and are less from side-effects. So get your daily dose of energy, health and nutrition naturally moringa oleifera leaves (Drumstick) are known to have: 7 times the vitamin c in oranges 4 times the calcium and 2 times the protein in milk 4 times the vitamin a in carrots 3 times the potassium in bananas.
• Net content: 60 tab
• Sri sri ayurveda brings to you the secret to a healthy and energetic life - oorja health supplements
• Made of the moringa oleifera (Drumstick) leaves, sri sri oorja health supplement is your answer to an agile and healthy lifestyle

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