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PRO Blush Brush #99

What it is: An innovative, spade-like brush head for targeted application to the apples of the cheeks.

What Else You Need to Know: The spade-like brush head allows for precise application and blending, making it the perfect tool for blush, contour, and powder application. Slightly dense, the soft bristles are perfect for cream blush.

The PRO Brush Collection is made up of 30 brushes with the highest-quality, hand-shaped vegan synthetic bristles. The tapered artistry handles help offer ultimate control in makeup application to help you create any makeup look you desire. This brush and its holder have been developed responsibly. The paper of the packaging and the wood of the handle are made of sustainably managed forests.

Suggested Usage:
-To apply blush color, gently load one side or the tip of the brush and blend using quick, upward-sweeping motions. Use the other side to blend and sheer product.
-When contouring, use the tip of the brush to sweep product on. The tapered edges both apply and deposit product quickly on the face.

How to clean your brushes:
-Bristles hold onto oils, excess product, debris, and bacteria, which can ultimately lead to unwanted breakouts and skin irritation. Cleaning your brushes can extend the life of the bristles and make for a better makeup application and blending.
-To switch between blush shades, use the Color Switch by Vera Mona (sold separately).
-For a daily clean, spray Refresh Daily Brush Cleaner (sold separately) onto a dry towel or cloth (not on bristles) and wipe gently using circular motions.
-Deep cleanse brushes at least once a month with Detox Deep-Cleaning Brush and Sponge Shampoo (sold separately).

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