Seer Secrets Hydrating Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid,(Vit - B3) WT - 24G

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• Brand Name: Seer Secrets
• Item Weight: 22.7 gm
• Color: Multicolor
• Watermelon with niacinamide; Target Audience: Men and Women
• Package Content: 1 hydrating sheet mask hyaluronic acid
• Seer Secrets Hydrating Sheet Mask, 24g
• Seer Secrets bring you perfect sheet mask for dry, dull and ageing skin.This mask has Hyaluronic acid and Watermelon With Niacinamide extracts that provide superb moisture to skin, making skin soft, supple and smooth. Also, the sheet mask calms irritated skin affected by UV rays to give clearer, firmer looking and improved skin.

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