Seer Secrets Rose, Palmarosa & Catechu Natural Toning Mist, 100 Ml

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• Protects Damaged Skin: Infused with the goodness of catechu which works wonders on your damaged and patchy skin. It is an antioxidant with no side effects.
• Moisturises & Revitalises Skin Cells: Contains palmarosa which provides optimum moisturization to your face & revitalizes skin cells resulting in a healthy looking skin.
• Tones Your Skin Pores: It may reduce the redness of irritated skin and reduces acne significantly. It aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores thus toning down your skin pores.
• Refreshes Skin Instantly: An instant facial refresher which provides hydration to your skin when it needs it the most. Just few mists of our toning facial mist will revive your skin make it look fresher and clean.
• Use It Throughout the Day: Apply it after cleansing, under your moisturizer, before a big important meeting, or post workout. Use this mist whenever your face feels tired & needs hydration. It is an instant face refreshment which will make your skin bloom!

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