Jiwadaya Entyce Ayurvedic Rose Water Base Herbal Eye Drops for Dry Eyes,5ml - Pack of 3

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• Unique and perfect blend of nature's most efficacious ingredients contaning an extraordinary combination of triphala, nimb bark, tulsi, punarnava . Peppermint and kapoor provide cooling effect to eyes
• Effective for allergic conjunctivitics, inflamation, irritation, swelling, computer vision syndrome (CVS) . Imparts soothing effect for tired and fatigued eyes
• Decreases the infection, acts against germs and fungi. Reduces stress on eyes
• Helps to calm the nerve endings of eyes. Prevents dryness, reduces increased pressure in the eyes
• Rose water base soothes tired and fatigued eyes, brings a sparkle to the eyes, makes them look stunning and healthy

Entyce eye drop is formulated with glycerine, kapoor, rose flower and effective medicinal herbs like neem, tusli, bhringaraj, punarnava, yashtimadhu, daruharidra . All of which are very beneficial for the eyes. Neem bark and tulsi leaf decrease any infection, act against germs and fungi; also soothe eyes and reduce stress. Triphala, augments the ocular strength, specially helps in computer vision syndrome(CVS). According to ancient scholars, bhringaraj acts as a rejuvenator with its special use in night blindness. Yashtimadhu enhances visual function (Chakshushya) with its one of the content - glycyrrhetinic acid, helps in allergic conjunctivitis. Punarnava stimulates irrigation of anterior ocular region, useful in cataract, conjunctivitis; also known as netra-navkruta (gives life to the eyes) by sage sushrut. Daruharidra in the form of rasanjan is mentioned for eye diseases like conjunctivitis. Rose water soothes tired and fatigued eyes, brings a sparkle to the eyes, makes them look stunning and healthy. Pepermint provides cooling effect to the eyes and helps to calm nerve endings. Kapoor has a cooling and antiseptic property. Glycerin act as a lubricant prevents dryness and also reduces increased pressure in the eyes. Direction for use- to pierce the vial, tighten the cap. Don't touch the tip of the vial to avoid contamination. Dosage- 1 to 2 drops, 2 to 3 times a day or as per requirement. Caution- contraindicated: to those who have allergy or hypersensitivity of the medicine or of the content of this medicine. Discontinue the use if irritation persist.

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