Sunetra Junior Herbal Eyedrops (Below 17 years age)

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• Avoids dryness, Removes redness, Clears itchiness
• Refreshes and cools eyes, Protect your child's eyes from digital screens like mobile phones
• Keeps away minor bacterial infections
• Prepared with herbal ingredients according to the science of Ayurveda
• Ingredients :- Padmakam, Kathakabeeja, Daruharidra, Haridra, Satapatri Jala, Bhimseni kapur, Madhu

A complete herbal eyedrop which is prepared from selected ingredients according to classical ayurveda for the regular care of your children's eyes. Created after extensive research and backed by meticulous clinical trials, Sunetra is a clear eyedrop created at a pH value similar to the tears to promote daily usage. Administering Sunetra soothes and gives cooling to eyes and does not cause any pain or any other difficulty. It is applicable to all types of watering of eyes, redness, allergic eye, dryness of eye & minor infections. It soothes up the eyes, prevents infections and clears off dust particles in the eye. This can protect your child's eyes from the damage due to excessive exposure to digital screens like mobile phones, computers and Television.

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