Plum Daily Glow Combo For Normal Skin

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Get you glow on with this nutrient-rich Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn trio!

At this special price, you get:

• Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Mild Foam Scrub (75 ml): Cleanses better than a face wash - also gently removes dead cells, promoting natural skin renewal process. Result: instantly brightened, polished appearance, and a soft, supple after-feel. Shine twice, and through the day! Click here for product details and reviews.
• Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Glow-Restore Face Oils Blend (30 ml): This unique combination of 100% plant-derived oils combats skin dryness, and restores natural health and glow to skin. Without the greasiness one would expect from an "oil". It gets to work instantly, restoring your natural glow by replenishing lost nutrients, fighting oxidative damage, and preventing Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) from your skin. Click here for product details & reviews.
• Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Nurturance Night Cream (50 ml): Night creams are a great way to provide undisturbed hydration and nourishment to your skin. Regular use of night creams will ensure that your skin has the optimum level of moisture content, gets its supply of essential nutrients, and allows skin repair to take place. Here's a potent, yet pleasant night cream you will love to leave on and wake up with. Prevents dryness from causing new creases, while grape seed and sea buckthorn oil nourish, heal and repair skin. Our favorite antioxidant recipe! Click here for product details & reviews.

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