O3+ Hydroxy Glow Facial Kit (25 ML)

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O3+ Hydroxy Glow At Home Facial

Missing your salon treatment? We got you! The O3+ Hydroxy At Home Facial is everything you need to boost hydration and facial glow at home! This 15 mins express treatment ensures maximum facial glow while retaining moisture, working on finelines, strengthening collagen and boosting glow with the goodness of Coconut, Sheabutter and niacinamid


ACAI Cleanser: for deep cleansing of skin! Acai berries are antioxidants that clean skin while boosting glow and unifying uneven skin.
Hydroxy Cellulose Mask: A sheet mask that is loaded with hydroxy hydration and glow solution that boosts the skins moisture level and gives the extra facial glow.
Meladerm Cream: A moisturising facial cream to boost the glow while unifying skin tone!

How to Use:

Begin with cleansing, use the acai cleanser as a face wash!
Then apply the Hydroxy Cellulose Mask, just like a sheet mask by removing its film and leaving it undisturbed. Tap & massage the excess essence left on the face.
Now apply Meladerm Cream and leave on.

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