NutriGlow Lacto Bleach Cream With Honey & Milk Extract For Tan Removal, Glowing Skin & Improve Skin Tone, 100gm Each, Pack of 2

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Item Form Cream
Scent Honey
Product Benefits Cleansing
Skin Type Oily, Combination, Sensitive, Dry, Normal

About this item

  • THIS BOX CONTAINS: Combo Pack Of 2 - Lacto Bleach Crème Pack, 100 Gm Each.
  • LACTO BLEACH CRÈME PACK: Lacto Bleach helps to get rid of the Microbes and Dirt, thus providing your skin with excellent Cleansing Action. Imbibed with a mixture of Milk And Honey, this Lacto Bleach will Lighten your Complexion while it also keeps the skin safe from the Harmful Effect of the Sunrays.
  • HONEY EXTRACTS: The Honey Extracts contained in this Natural Body Bleaching Cream will keep the Premature Aging of Skin Cells by improving the Cell Rejuvenation. Also, Honey Extracts have the ability to form a barrier and protect your skin from Pollutants and Impurities, Reducing Conditions like Acne and Skin Darkening.
  • MILK EXTRACT: Milk is filled with numerous Proteins and Vitamins that not only strengthen your Skin Cells, but also make your skin Soft and Supple by penetrating deep into the pores of your skin. The Milk Extracts present in this Lacto Bleach get rid of the Microbes and Dirt, thus providing your skin with Excellent Cleansing Action.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply this Lacto Bleach Crème pack an cleansed skin. Leave it on for about 15 Minutes. It is suitable for all Skin Types.

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