NutriGlow Advanced Organics Skin Whitening Cream Bleach Kit for Lightens Facial Hair, Dark Spots Corrector and Instant Tan Removal, Safe and Gentle on the Skin, Glowing Radiant & Healthy Skin, 700 gm

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Item Form Cream
Brand NutriGlow Advanced Organics
Product Benefits Provides Instant Skin Lightening Impact, Fades Away Age Spots & Blemishes, Eases Beauty Regime & Long Standing Tan, Lightens Skin Hair & Makes Skin Radiant See more
Skin Type All
Special Ingredients Other

About this item

  • REDUCES & MAINTAINS THE LEVELOF SKIN: The consistent exposure to sun’s UV radiation increases the production of skin melanin that makes skin dark & unattractive. This sun-repellent bleach kit contains skin whitening cream that helps in maintaining the melanin level of the skin & improves the overall skin complexion adding natural glace to your skin.
  • UNDER-EYE DARK CIRCLES & PERMANENT BLEMISHES: The inclusion of skin whitening activator in this anti-acne bleach kit goes deep into the skin cells & activates the comatose skin tissues that effectively eradicates dark spots. It abolishes the appearance of acne, pimples, scarring, under-eye dark circles & permanent blemishes to bring out the natural you with help of nature-packed elements.
  • LIGHTENS & HIDES UNWANTED FACIAL HAIR: The balance of skin whitening cream bleach & post bleach radiance serum in this bleach kit reduces the visibility of unwanted facial hair naturally & equally evens out sluggish skin tone that lightens skin hair & eases out the entire beauty regime.
  • SKIN COMPLEXION FAIRER & ABOLISHES: The post bleach radiance serum deeply hydrates contaminated skin. It facilitates skin to fight against environmental pollutants, harsh sun rays & contaminated water that eventually makes skin complexion fairer.
  • FREE OF PARABENS AND HARMFUL CHEMICAL : Parabens are a form of Preservative that is widely used in the Cosmetic and Personal Care but this is Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Mineral Oil Free

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