KAZIMA Mitti Attar - Pure Natural Undiluted (Non-Alcoholic)

KAZIMA Mitti Attar - Pure Natural Undiluted (Non-Alcoholic)

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ORIGIN : This attar is known to have originated in India.

BLENDS WELL WITH : It mixes well with sandal wood floral water as well as other attars.

PRECAUTIONS : This attar is non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-irritant. Hence, no precaution is necessary while applying.


As it is obtained from the soil, it is purely natural and organic. It is prepared by natural process from clean mud of river. Traditional method is used for preparing attar of the earth soil. Large amount of soil is added to closed copper vehicle and then it is steamed over. The fragrance of this oil is like earth’s natural scent when it rains for the first time in summer. Other names of this oil is mitti attar or the attar of earthern soil. It has many therapeutic and aromatic properties. And its aromatic properties helps in relaxing , its relaxing effects are so effective that it will make you forget your all worries and any kind of stress. And thus due to of these properties it is a very popular oil for aromatherapy use.

It helps in making your skinglow by restoring and reviving your skin tone over a certain period of time. It has very rich aromatic property and thus it is being used in the manufacturing of many scented products and in the cosmetic industry. It acts as a base ingredient in making perfumes. It also improves the functioning of nervous system and respiratory system. And hence it increases the working capacity of the body.


Hydro distillation is the process by which mitti attar oil orearthern soil attar is extracted. This oil is obtained from Ganga rivers clean soil. It has rich earthy aroma which is highly captivating as it is derived from the soil. The colour of the attar oil obtained by the process is light golden shade.


Problems like sore throat, stress, menstrual cramps, depression and anxiety can be treated by the use of this oil. It is beneficial for the skin as it has many skin care benefits, it helps in providing natural glow and softness to the skin.

SKIN HEALTH: it helps in boosting up the skins health. For natural glowing skin this attar oil can be applied to the skin. It is a natural remedy as its application helps in treating oily texture of the skin and reduce greasiness of the skin.

MEDICINAL USE: Earth soil attar oil has therapeutic properties as it invigorate the nervous system. It can be used for treating problems of sore throat. Respiratory system can be boosted by the use of this oil as this oil is beneficial for this and many breathing problems.

AROMATHERAPY: as this essential oil has enchanting earthy aroma and intense and effective fragrances, it is beneficial for stressful mental condition and for person suffering from depression as it helps you give relief from stress and hence this oil is used in aromatherapy.

PERFUME INDUSTRY: From ancient times this attar oil is used as a natural perfume. And variety of fragrant products can be made from this indianessential oil as it is an active agent in all fragrance product.

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