KAADOO Jungle Patrol Board Game (New Version) | Strategy Board Game Played in Teams of 2 | Cooperative & Team Game for Kids, Teens, Families & Adults | Ages 8 and Up | 2 to 4 Players | 30 Minutes Playtime

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Material Paper, Plastic
Genre Party, Entertainment, Action Drafting, Strategy, Educational, Role Playing
Number of Players 2 - 4
Minimum Age Recomendation 96

About this item

  • About the Game: A super engaging game of chase that is fun-filled, collaborative, and strategic. Ranger Kutty's team and Kirik Veera’s team compete against each other to gain control of the core of the jungle. Think quick and play intelligently to trap Brigands and save the forest from their mischief. This board game also intends to create awareness about the efforts made by foresters toward the protection of wildlife against poaching or other illegal activities.
  • Kaadoo, meaning 'forest' in a few South Indian languages, a homegrown brand of tabletop games. We conceptualize, design, and develop nature- and wildlife-themed games to bring the wonders of our planet close to home in an entertaining, educational, and engaging way. We are very proud of being a '100% Made in India' company.
  • How to Play: In this action-packed game, a squad of 8 forest rangers led by Ranger Kutty try to outsmart and trap 8 Brigands, led by the notorious criminal Kirik. The rangers need to chase away or arrest the Brigands and stop them from stealing timber and harming wild animals deep inside the forest. The game ends when either the Rangers or the Brigands take control of the CORE of the jungle by outnumbering one of them.
  • Level Up & Have Fun! (Why Play): Disconnect from the digital world. Improve problem-solving, decision making, strategic thinking, cognitive development, spatial recognition (Reading the board, planning ahead to block and set up future turns), team-building skills, interpersonal skills - taking turns, and communicating with other players.

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