Indus Valley 100% Pure Natural & Organic, Undiluted Basil Essential Oil with Glass Dropper for Skin, Hair Care -15ml

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  • 100% pure and organic basil essential oil: Extracted from the leaves of Ocimum basilicum plant through steam distillation process in copper vessels
  • Controls acne breakouts: Anti-inflammatory properties help in unclogging pores, controls acne, keeps the skin toned and reduces the formation of wrinkles
  • Acts as a digestive booster: 100% therapeutic-grade high-quality oil, certified as edible by FSSAI, aids in stimulating digestion
  • For cold and cough: As a natural decongestant, steam inhalation with basil oil aids in breaking down mucus healing cough and cold
  • Eliminates odour causing microbes: Its antibacterial and antifungal properties help to remove odour-causing bacteria and fungus from home, car furniture

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