Himalaya Refreshing Cleansing Milk, 100ml

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• Gently removes dirt, make up and impurities
• Refreshes skin
• Moisturizes skin
Refreshing cleansing milk give your skin that clean feeling. What it does Himalaya s refreshing cleansing milk contains a special blend of herbs that gently removes dirt, makeup and daily impurities while maintaining your skin s natural moisture balance. Lemon, a natural cleanser and astringent, clarifies and refreshes, grapeseed rejuvenates and mint cools your skin to keep it clear, healthy and radiant. Key ingredients lemon is an effective cleanser, which removes skin debris and impurities, leaving your skin supple, smooth and fresh. Grapeseed oil serves as an excellent moisturizer, provides nourishment and helps to tone and tighten skin. Mint is an antiseptic and an excellent skin cleanser. It soothes skin, cures infections and alleviates itching.

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