Himalaya Nourishing Body Lotion, 400ml

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• Quantity: 400ml; Item Form: Lotion
• The non-greasy body lotion leaves skin feeling soft, supple and toned
• Blended with all natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Winter Cherry, which are known for their intense hydrating properties, our body lotion deeply penetrates into the skin to moisturize it fully
• Skin Type: For Normal Skin
• Usage: Apply Nourishing Body Lotion gently all over the body, with special attention to severely dry areas, slowly massaging it in.
• Target Audience: Women
• Package Contents: 1 Body Lotion
• Country of Origin: India
Aloe Vera, known for its many healing properties, is rich in polysaccharides and nutrients which exhibit antibacterial and antifungal action. A natural UV inhibitor, its hydrating, softening and intense moisturizing properties nourish the skin.Winter Cherry is an effective anti-stress agent. In skin care, this plant is used for its antioxidant action, which helps skin cell regeneration and softens skin.

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