Good Vibes 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil, 10 ml Naturally Brightens Skin, Helps Reduce Dandruff, Suitable For All Skin & Hair Types

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Scent Unscented 
Brand Good Vibes
Active Ingredients Lemon
Item Form Oil
Liquid Volume 10 Millilitres

About this item

  • A GLOW GIVER: Lemon contains acids that can naturally brighten the skin, including dark spots, age spots and acne scars. Leaving behind a glowy complexion.
  • THE AGE DIFFUSER: Lemon juice naturally contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that may help reduce fine lines and premature ageing.
  • KEEPS DANDRUFF IN CHECK: The citric juice normalizes the pH balance of the scalp, which keeps the scalp from feeling itchy, dry or greasy, leading to dandruff.
  • SKIN TYPE: Good Vibes 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil is suitable for all skin and hair types. This product not tested on animals and contains no alcohol, parabens and sulphates.
  • HOW TO USE: For skin, mix 2-3 drops with a carrier oil and apply evenly on your face and neck. For hair, mix 5-6 drops with 10-15 ml of carrier oil and gently massage on scalp and hair.

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