Faces Canada Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit, Natural Indian Eyebrow, 4gm

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Just like you don’t forget to define your eyes with kajal, why not give them The beautiful frame of well-shaped eyebrows with ultima pro brow shaping kit, the one stop solution for shaping and defining the brows. The kit comes with a colour pigment, to colour and define the arch and a tinted wax, to hold the colour and is available is a very competitive price point. Formulated in turkey, create brows that are fuller, thicker and more defined with the perfect Natural Indian Eyebrow shade. The kit components: 1. Colour pigment- formulated to compliment the Natural Indian Eyebrow colour, helps to give shape and definition for the shape you desire, whether well Arched or soft curve. 2. A tinted wax: helps in setting the eyebrows and hold the colour pigment for a long time the kit's helping tools the ultima pro brow shaping kit comes with two helping tools to achieve the perfect brow: 1.) the doubled sided brush: The angled-side helps outline the brows while the sponge-side helps in filling the pigment. This duo provides lasting colour definition for a naturally beautiful look. 2.) spoolie brush: This helps comb and set the eyebrows.

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