Earth Rhythm Argan Conditioner Bar, | Deep Conditions Hair, Balance Scalp pH levels, Prevent Dryness, Boost Shine, Certified Natural, Plastic Free - 80 gm

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Brand Earth Rhythm
Item Form Bar
Material Feature Fragrance Free, Biodegradable, GMO Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan
Hair Type All
Product Benefits Rich in vitamin E, which provides a fatty layer to hair & scalp that help prevents dryness & can help reduce frizz & boost shine. Contains Ricinoleic acid that helps balance scalp pH levels. See more
Age Range (Description) Adult
Number of Items 1
Scent Unscented 
Material Type Free Sulfate Free, Phthalate Free, Petroleum Free, Paraben Free, Formaldehyde Free

About this item

  • Protects Hair From Dryness: Argan Oil is full of fatty acids, mainly oleic acid, and linoleic acid. And Argan Oil Conditioner has nourishing power that comes rich in vitamin E that provides a fatty layer to your hair and scalp that helps to protect from dryness and boost shine. Get this magical potion and say bye-bye to dry dull and frizzy hair. It has natural moisturizing properties, hydrates, and also strengthens hair follicles.
  • Adds Moisture: Castor Oil contains Ricinoleic acid that helps balance scalp pH levels and replenishes the scalp's natural oils. It reverses any damage caused by harsh hair products and stimulates the scalp to help in hair growth. Whereas, Shea Butter is a natural conditioner for hair that gets absorbed easily into the scalp and does not clog the pores. It provides moisture from the roots down to the ends.
  • Cost-Effective & Sustainable: This little bar will last a very long time, if you let it properly dry after each use it will last a very long time. Cutting your bars into smaller portions and using them a little at a time will help you preserve them. It's time to nourish and repair your hair from the daily use of heating tools. And it is recommended for all hair types, especially those with frizzy, curly fine, or thick hair.
  • How To Use: Pick up the conditioner bar, hold it in the palm of one hand and let it run along with your hair and leave the conditioner on the hair for 1-2 minutes for maximum effectiveness.
  • Clean, Safe & Clinically Effective Skincare: Earth Rhythm believes in effective beauty & personal care products that should be good and safe for you, your family, and our Mother Earth. We are clinically effective and technology-driven skincare, haircare, and personal care brand with a truly unique take on a comprehensive range of potent formulas that target every common skin concern. We are 100% cruelty-free & proud to be PETA verified.

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