DAUGHTER EARTH Wild Glow Masking Kit (Botanical Ubtans with Floral Essence Mist), Pack of 7

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Daughter Earth Wild Glow Masking Kit contains a set of seven gentle, minimally processed botanical ubtans and a floral essence that are designed for daily use, keeping in mind specific nutritional needs our skin has.

Java Plum for balancing oil and soothing acne

Yastimadhu is a complexion enhancer.

Neem, being anti-microbial and antioxidant, takes care of skin infections

Brahmi and Moringa are super rejuvenators and antioxidants.

Lemon rind is a great cleanser and nourishes the skin with Vitamin C

Aloe Vera soothes sun burns and hydrates the skin.

Divine Floral Essence made from five flowers to tone, balance and nourish the skin.

Made with nutri-active and antioxidant-rich single botanicals, these ubtans are crafted consciously and packed in a sustainable glass jars.

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