Colorbar Perfect Match Primer, 30ml, White

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer, 30ml, White

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Product Description
This satiny touch oil free primer masks the fine lines and uneven texture, making skin marvellously soft and smooth.

From the Manufacturer
Perfect Match primer from Colorbar is designed for women who want to reduce the appearance of large pores and fine lines, and make their makeup last longer.

The Colorbar Perfect Match primer is a transparent gel that feels smooth and satiny on the skin. Its creamy texture allows it to be blended easily into the skin. On blending, the colour tone of the skin is evened out and the pores and fine lines are minimised. This primer is formulated to control the oil secretion by the skin, and to moisturise the skin, making it ideal for all skin types, from oily to dry. It serves as a base to build foundation and makeup, and it causes the makeup to stay longer on the face without fading, leaking, or smudging.

This primer makes skin feel soft and satiny because it contains silicones, which also aid to fix skin with uneven textures. To use it, dab it in small amounts all over the face and neck before blending it in with your fingers. Moisturiser can be applied before applying the primer for extra hydration, and foundation, concealer, and other makeup can be applied after the primer to achieve a flawless complexion and a look that won’t budge from your face for hours.

Product Features
The primer comes in a 30 ml bottle. It contains silicones that smoothen out skin. It is dermatologically tested and is gentle on the skin and free of fragrance. It is ideal for everyday use.

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