Coco Soul Hair Oil with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil & Vitamin E, For Healthy Hair Growth & Deep Nourishment, Enriched with Almond, Mineral Oil & Silicone Free, From the makers of Parachute, 200ml, White

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Product Benefits Anti-hairfall solution, Anti-dandruff solution , hair growth, hair nourishment
Hair Type All
Material Type Free BPA Free
Scent Coconut
Liquid Volume 200 Millilitres
Item Form Oil
Brand Coco Soul

About this item

  • Indulge in the regular practice of Shiro Abhyanga, with Cocosoul Extra Virgin coconut oil with vitamin E helps solve the common hair issues such as Hairfall, dandruff, pre-mature greying of hair & dryness.
  • Cocosoul Extra Virgin Coconut oil with Vitamin E penetrates 100% into the hair structure & deeply nourishes the scalp.
  • Prevents hair fall & promotes hair growth
  • Soothes itchy scalp & prevents dandruff, nourishes & hydrates scalp that inturn prevents flakiness
  • Reduces split ends and controls the frizz of hair.

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