Coco Soul Ayurvedic Nourishing & Conditioning Hair Oil for Long Strong Black Hair with Virgin Coconut Oil | Amla | Sesame Oil | Hibiscus | Bhringraj | Meethi & Black Seeds | Mineral Oil & Silicone Free - From the Makers of Parachute 95ml

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Product Benefits Hydrating,Conditioning,Soothing,Nourishing,Anti-aging
Hair Type All
Material Type Free Para Aminobenzoic Acid Free
Scent Coconut
Liquid Volume 95 Millilitres
Item Form Oil
Brand Coco Soul

About this item

  • According to Ayurveda, Hair-oiling or Shiro Abyanga is considered a cure for all your hair issues. Regular practice of hair oil or Shiro Abhyanga, helps extract any excess doshas (vata -pitta) that get accumulated on the scalp. Coco Soul from the makers of Parachute have created Coco Soul Hair Fall Control Hair Oil made traditionally using Tel Pak Vidhi and 30 herbs to help solve Hair Fall Issues.
  • Made with A1 Grade cold pressed Virgin Coconut oil, named Narikel in Ayurveda, is considered to have soothing & cooling properties. This miraculous hair oil is intensely nourishing & helps reduce hair fall. According to Ayurveda, Virgin coconut oil is a hair tonic, that helps grow hair long & strong.
  • Bhringraj, known as Keshraja in Ayurveda, stands true to its name. The name is self-explanatory & explains the benefits of Bhringraj on Hair. It helps control hair loss, encourages new hair growth & strengthens the hair follicles. It promotes the hair growth phase also known as the anagen phase.
  • Black seed has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-aging, and hair growth promoter properties, which help for long and strong hair.
  • Methi - It contains large amounts of lecithin which makes hair healthy and strong. Meethi is also known to hydrate your hair & help condition your hair. Th

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