Chicco Natural Sensation Bath Shampoo No Tears, Mother’s Womb Like Care, 0m+ (500 ml)

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About this item

  • Chicco Natural Sensation Bath Shampoo is especially formulated to suit baby’s immature skin and provide it natural cleansing, helping it adapt to the external environmental cleansers. Making baby’s first bath safe and natural
  • Chicco Bath Shampoo is made with specialised ingredients that are found in Vernix Caseosa, a protective film that covers the inner layer of fetus during the last trimester of pregnancy, proven to be a barrier that protects and nourishes baby’s skin
  • Contains a combination of plant-based natural ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile and Betaine that supports the composition of Vernix Caseosa and maintains baby’s Natural Moisturising Factor as it was in mother’s womb
  • Betaine present in body wash helps in reducing the sensitivity of baby’s skin to external irritants and also keeps baby’s skin soft and smooth all day long
  • Anti-Inflammatory: The body wash is anti-inflammatory in nature which creates a protective barrier to safeguard the baby’s skin against external agents. Right from birth, complete protection

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