Blue Nectar Pure and Natural Australian Tea Tree Undiluted Essential Oil for Hair Dandruff Face Acne Care and Blemish Free Skin (15 ml)

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Scent Tea Tree
Brand Blue Nectar
Item Weight 82 Grams
Item Form Oil
Product Benefits Skin Care

About this item

  • ACNE HEALING AND CLEAR SKIN – Due to its remedial and healing properties Tea Tree oil may help to clear up acne, heal scars and blemishes and provide overall healthy and bright skin. Clean and Pat dry your face, Mix 1-2 drops of Tea Tree oil in 12 drops of carrier oil and pat on acne and blemishes using cotton balls or pads. Allow to dry and follow up with moisturizer
  • LICE, DANDRUFF AND HEALTHY HAIR – Tea Tree Oil removes toxins and improves blood circulation which may boost hair growth and prevent hair loss. Tea Tree oil may help to get rid of the lice and prevent the eggs from sticking to the hair. Mix a few drops of Tea Tree Oil with carrier oil, massage into the scalp, use a shower cap for better absorption and leave overnight. Mix a few drops of Tea Tree Oil with shampoo for clean and clear scalp.
  • NAIL HEALTH – Tea Tree Oil is effective in keeping Nails clean, healthy and well maintained. Just mix 2 drops in carrier oil and utilize a cotton pad, dab it on the nails and massage. Leave it to dry and wash with warm water.
  • AROUND THE HOUSE AND AROMATHERAPY - Tea Tree Oil makes a natural all-purpose cleaner and sanitizer as well. Just mix about 10 drops of Tea Tree oil to ¾ cup of warm water and ½ cup of vinegar in a spray bottle, shake well and use. Tea Tree Oil has a fresh camphoraceous fragrance that relieves tiredness, relaxes and rejuvenates the mind. Mix a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to a diffuser for Aromatherapy.
  • 100% PURE AND NATURAL: Tea Tree Oil extracted from indigenous Australia Tea Tree by Steam Distillation process. Australian Tea Tree is considered to be the best

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