Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Vitamin C Face Serum For Dark Spot Correction And Glowing Skin | 100% Natural Hyaluronic Acid Serum (9 Herbs, 30 Ml)

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Active Ingredients Hyaluronic acid,vitamin c
Product Benefits Glowing Skin, Intense Hydration, Anti Aging Pigmentation, Dark Circle, Dark Spots, Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Acne and Scars See more
Brand Blue Nectar
Scent Herbal
Skin Type All
Item Form Oil
Item Weight 1 Ounces
Use for Face

About this item

  • 20X MORE VITAMIN C- This face serum harnesses the power of Amla Oil. Amla (Indian Gooseberry) has 20 times more Vitamin C as compared to an orange thus making it perfect for dark spot removal. Power of Amla in this serum helps fade dark spots within 30 days*
  • DARK SPOT CORRECTOR- Dark spots occur due to aggravated Pitta Dosha i.e. increased heat in the body while Vitamin C acts as coolant and helps to balance Pitta Dosha and hence helps in fading dark spots. Amla is a storehouse of natural Vitamin C. It helps in dark spot reduction and redness, while strengthening the skins barrier.
  • INTENSE HYDRATION- Enriched with plant based Hyaluronic Acid, this Vitamin C serum for face instantly hydrates and plumps up the skin. Dehydrated skin is one of the main causes of wrinkles, this Hyaluronic Acid Serum replenishes lost moisture effectively reducing the appearance of fine lines. A natural hyaluronic acid moisturizer – your skin will thank you for that!
  • SKIN LOVING HERBS - Our face serum for women and men is gentle on skin as it is formulated with 9 skin rejuvenating herbs like Amalaki Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Almond & Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Lemon-grass Oil, Sesame Oil, Vitamin E & Hyaluronic Acid (Plant Based). This concoction of all natural ingredients if effective for a natural skin glow and a youthful appearance of your skin.
  • FAST ABSORBING, LIGHT & NON- GREASY- The light-weight formula of this Vit C serum for face absorbs quickly into the skin, making the skin look radiant and plump instantly. This Vitamin C face serum for glowing skin is proven safe for all skin types i.e., Oily skin, normal skin, dry skin & sensitive skin. It is great for use as daily face serum for men and women both.

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