Beardo Ultraglow Soap (Set Of 3), 225 gm

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Regular soaps rip off the moisture from your skin making it dry and rough. With heat, pollution and perspiration, it often leads to other skin problems. To combat your dilemmas, BEARDO has come up with ultra glow soap which doesn’t just cleanse the skin but also brightens & smoothens it with each use. BEARDO ultra glow soap is more than just a soap, it will renew your skin gently. It is formulated using ingredients like kojic acid and glutathione which are known for their excellent smoothening and brightening properties. Using this soap regularly won't just remove the dirt from your skin but also brighten it and smoothen it by minimizing your pores. BEARDO ultra glow soap is gentle enough to use daily, use it regularly to get that healthy glow you’ve always wanted!.

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