Beardo The Ultraglow Trio Combo

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Total Nourishment with Beardo Ultraglow All-in-1 Men's Face Lotion

When it comes to facial skincare for men, face lotion never goes unmentioned. Especially formulated to soften the rough-&-tough skin, this men’s facial lotion hydrates, moisturizes and nourished the skin just the way you want it. As for the end results, well, see it for yourself as you garner compliments for your soft and glowing skin after using men's facial products from Beardo.

For a serial glow

Your goals for a smooth, clear and bright skin can finally be met with Beardo Ultraglow Serum for men. Made using effective ingredients like Kojic acid, Glutathione and Arbutin; Beardo Ultraglow Serum is an advanced step in your skincare routine. Using this serum regularly will even out and brighten your tone, improve the skin's texture and overall appearance. Just apply few drops of the serum on a cleansed skin and massage till it gets absorbed. Leave it overnight or follow it up with Beardo Ultraglow All-in-one Lotion during the day to protect your skin from damage due to the sun. Use this serum twice daily to get a smoother, brighter and clearer skin gradually.

Go with the glow

Who says that a clear and glowing skin is a farfetched dream? Beardo has come up with an all new Ultraglow Facewash which stands out from other ordinary face washes for men. With a unique formula specially targeted for men’s tough skin, it doesn’t just remove the dirt and dead cells that gather on your skin all through the day due to pollution but also brightens & balances the natural oils on your skin. Use this face wash daily and follow it up with Beardo-All-in-one Ultraglow Lotion to moisturize your skin and protect it from the sun. Following this fuss-free regime daily will make you beam with a clear skin.

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