AYURA ORIGINS - Nature’s Sugar and Weight Fix (200g) | Pure Mango Leaf Powder | Health Supplement for Sugar Level Optimization | Ayurvedic Powder | Wellness Drink | 80 Servings

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Item Weight 200 Grams
Dosage Form Powder
Allergen Information Allergen-Free
Allergen Information Allergen-Free

This is a Vegetarian product.

About this item

  • 100% Natural Blend: This Mango Leaf Powder is 100% vegetarian, chemical-free, and non-toxic. Additionally, the mango leaves are sourced from the finest farms of Tamil Nadu, hence providing quality assurance.
  • Optimizes Sugar Levels: Organic dried mango leaves used in this detox powder for cleansing the body prevent the conversion of glycogen obtained from carbohydrates into glucose. Less glucose dispensed in the bloodstream helps manage blood sugar levels.
  • Supports Weight Management: Both managing blood sugar levels and weight management benefits of this Mango Leaf Powder are linked with each other. As lesser sugar absorbs in the bloodstream, there is a lesser fat deposit. This helps in fixing weight-related issues.
  • Backed by Science: Being the base ingredient of the formula, Mango Leaf is well researched for its sugar level optimizing and weight managing benefits. Not only this, but the leaf is also rich in vitamins and hence also provides gum and gut care benefits.
  • About Ayura Origins: The philosophy and operating mechanism of Ayura Origins is deeply rooted in traditional Ayurveda. By combining medicinal plants, spices, and herbs, we are aiming to tackle a wide range of health issues naturally.

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