Ayouthveda Gentle Men Ph Wash, Prevents Dryness,Itching, Bad Odour, Best Intimate Wash for Men, Natural Ph Balanced with Germ (Pack of 1, 180Ml)

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Special Ingredients Sphatic, Haridra, Aloe Vera, Ashwagandha
Scent Aloe Vera
Material Type Free Alcohol Free
Age Range (Description) 20-80
Skin Type All
Item Form Gel
Material Feature Natural
Special Feature Organic
Use for Legs

About this item

  • It effectively solves all your daily intimate concerns by improving hygiene profile, eliminates bad odour, prevents dryness, itching & bad odour
  • Sulphate Free Formula:- This formula is free from sulphate, as many other products with sulphate cause irritation in the male private part.
  • Introducing gentle men pH wash that kills bad bacteria & keeps good bacteria intact by the virtue of its natural botanicals. Precautions:- For external use only, avoid contact with eyes,keep out of reach of children
  • Hormone free formula. Prevents infections in male private area. Prevents itching dryness & infections occur due to excessive sweating.; Direction of Use:-Wash your hands and intimate area, pour sufficient quantity of gentle men pH wash on to your palms, apply generously on the intimate area & work into the lathe, wash it off thoroughly, for best results use twice daily, it can be used more frequently after sex & workout or in condition of excessive perspiration.
  • Package Content: 1 Gentle men pH wash; Quantity: 180 Ml; Item Form: Liquid

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