Aegte Oil Free Anti Acne Skin Perfection Gel

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aegte skin perfection gel is a unique amalgamation of lightweight clear cooling gel enriched with skin clarifying and healing ingredients that works on 3 steps- fading breakouts, evens dark spots and active cell repair. This lightweight gel gets easily absorbed giving your skin just what it needs- a perfect rejuvenated soft glowing clear skin. You can also use this as a sleeping pack to get benefits like relaxing tired eyes, no under eye bags & even smooth skin. Directions: after washing your face, pat dry. Squeeze out a few drops of this gel on fingers and massage it all over your face till it gets absorbed. To use as a sleeping pack, apply a thin layer of this gel all over your face and leave it, no need to wash It off. For best results, use aegte anti-acne face wash. Precautions: mild irritation might occur on the skin due to natural active ingredients. Avoid using it over the eyes. Can safely be used under the eyes. In case of eye irritation, wash your eyes with water.

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