KAZIMA Amla Herbal Hair Oil For Hair Fall Control 100ml (Pack OF 2)

KAZIMA Amla Herbal Hair Oil For Hair Fall Control 100ml (Pack OF 2)

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KAZIMA Amla Herbal Hair Oil Ideal For Hair Fall Repair Oil & Hair Fall Control, 100ML (Pack of 2)

KAZIMA Amla Herbal Hair Oil is miraculous oil for those who are struggling with any kind of hair fall, scalp and dandruff problem and hair growth. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Ideal For Boys, Girls, Men & Women, For All Types of Hair 100% NATURAL Herbal Anti-Hair Loss.

Makes your hair Shiny, Thick, Gorgeous, Very Attractive in Days. Benefits: Solution To All type of Hair Issues or Stops Hair Falls in 2 Week, Repairs Damaged Hair & Repairs Bald Patches For Both Purpose anti Hair Loss & Hair Growth Hair Strengthen, Anti-Dandruff.

Amla Herbal Hair Oil is proven very beneficial in combating the problems like Hair fall, Hair dandruff, Hair scalp irritation and so on. Body Massage and for Skin care this oil regularly on your scalp to get long hair, hair growth lustrous and healthy hair. From stopping anti hair fall to preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth, you just have one solution right here - KAZIMA Herbal Hair Oil. Unlike many other hair oils, this one is not only perfect to your hair but is complete herbal. That means, zero side effects!

INGREDIENTS : Amla Extract, Almond oil, Brangraj Oil, Jojoba Oill, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Argan Oil, Sunflower oil, Sesame oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary oil, Tea Tree Oil, Essential oil with 6 botanical herbal extract and Fragrance

  • Apply it on your clean scalp, and massage properly with your fingertips.
  • For a more effective result, apply the hair oil before going to bed and leave it overnight.
  • Daily use for a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

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